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Link roundup for October 28, 2008

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Great resources for anyone teaching media criticism or general media studies classes.

LiveJournal Academic Research Bibliography

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For the last two months, I’ve been working on a bibliography of academic research on LiveJournal. The goal is to create a useful resource for academics, independent researchers, and other interested parties. This bibliography was commissioned by LiveJournal, Inc., and I’m indebted to danah boyd for her initial research on the topic.

To put this together, I searched internet studies mailing lists, scoured academic databases including Google Scholar, Muse, JSTOR, ProQuest, Dissertation Abstracts, SAGE, Athens, the ACM Portal, Emerald, and IEEE, and specifically searched journals like the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, New Media and Society, First Monday, and the Association for Internet Researchers and CHI conference archives.

I included book chapters, unpublished research reports, BA, MA, and PhD theses and dissertations, and conference presentations. I did not include non-scholarly sources, such as magazine and newspaper articles, or general-interest publications.

The bibliography’s permanent URL is Please suggest articles I may have missed, corrections/changes, and links to full text copies of other articles.

(Since I’m getting comment spam again, I’m assuming comments are working!)

Link roundup for October 18, 2008

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Nice collection of sample grant proposals for the Wenner-Grenn, the newcombe, SSRC, etc.