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Month: February 2009

Summer Job 2009

I’m excited to let everyone know that I’ll be working this summer at Microsoft Research New England with danah boyd. I’m expecting to have a really awesome summer, as two of my fellow interns are Sarita Yardi and Scott Golder, two amazing PhD students.

This job has several nostalgic elements for me. First, it’s in Boston, and I went to Wellesley, which, while not in Boston proper, is close enough that I spent quite a bit of time there. Second, it’s at Microsoft. I first interned at Microsoft in 1996, when I was a college sophomore. It wasn’t my first experience at a big company — I was a secretary at IBM during the summer of 1995, after my freshman year– but it was my first experience at a modern software company, and it introduced me to such concepts as “project management,” “ship cycles,” and “betas.” I interned again in 1997 and took three short-time contracts there in 2001, 2002, and 2003 (HTML production and content producing, before graduate school). So this is my sixth sojourn at Microsoft; I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve such long ties with the company that I always knew I’d be back again. But this time I’m in research, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m also stoked to be close to all the great people I know at Harvard, MIT, and the Berkman Center.

And, of course, I’ll be only a four-hour bus ride from my boyfriend, rather than a six-hour plane ride.

So what’s there to do in Boston during the summer?

Bear with me

While I work on getting this blog back to a workable state. Something seriously sinister happened to it a while back, and it’s been sadly neglected since.

Link roundup for February 25, 2009

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Marketing twaddle about how great linkspam on Twitter is.

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On social network overload

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