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Month: April 2009

On the gender neutrality of language

“The idea that some terms encode a male worldview is initially a puzzling one. One thing that is meant by it is, roughly, that the meanings of certain terms seem to divide the world up in a way that is more natural for men than for women. Good examples of this come from the terms ‘foreplay’ and ‘sex’.‘Sex’ is generally taken to refer to an act that is defined in terms of male orgasm, while the sexual activities during which many women have their orgasms are relegated to secondary status, referred to by terms like ‘foreplay’. These terms, then, can be seen as based in a male perspective on sex. (It is worth noting that the ‘male perspective’ claim need not rest on the (implausible) idea that this perspective is shared by all men. Rather, it can rest on claims about what is typical for men, or on the claim that the only perspective from which certain understandings make sense is a male one.) As a result, these terms may serve as a barrier to accurate communication or even thought about women’s experiences of sex. ”

Jennifer Saul, Feminist Philosophy of Language, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

A Quick Ethnographic Quote

“In San Francisco, Web 2.0 is the new indierock. I liked Twitter, like, two page redesigns ago.” – Nick

“I was into them in closed beta.” – Micah

ROFLCON Talk from last April

So my ROFLCON keynote on internet celebrity is finally online in its entirety at the Internet Archive. It took me this long to find it because it’s tagged as “Alex Marwick.” Oh well, we all need to start somewhere! It’s about a half hour long and touches on many of the things about internet celebrity that I’ve written/talked about elsewhere, but I wrote it to be funnier than a typical academic talk. I’ll upload it to YouTube eventually and post it here when it’s done.

We Didn’t Start the Flame War

CollegeHumor takes on contemporary Digg/YouTube/etc. comment culture. Full of meme references, internet wins, etc. Warning, this video is full of profanity and is not safe for school, work, or your mom:

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