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Beauty and the Geek 3

Since my old Beauty and the Geek post still gets plenty of comments, I thought I’d post my thoughts on the current season.

I’m hating it. What made the show so good– the honest interplay between people raised to value very different aspects of themselves– has been largely abandoned this year in favor of bitchy cattiness from the girls. The current crop of Beauties are not just vapid and shallow, they’re mean to each other, and they’re mean to the Geeks. The editing is emphasizing this, so I can’t say they aren’t being called on it, but… I’m not sure what the Geeks are supposed to learn from these women except that “women are bitches!!!1”, a message we hear enough of on television already.

I’m also tired of the way the show equates the two knowledge bases. I guess there is some validity in keeping up with popular culture, just in terms of small talk, cultural capital, etc., but don’t insult your audience by pretending that BASIC political knowledge– like, who ran for VP in the last presidential election– is on the same level as whether or not Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake are dating. I am a pop culture and gossip junkie, don’t get me wrong, but it makes me very disheartened to see the unbelievably low standards that pass on this show for scientific, political, etc. knowledge. MARKETING is not on the same level of importance with history or physics!

I just get so tired of people positioning history, math, science, literature etc. as “boring” and celebrity culture, fashion, and workout knowledge as “interesting”. Personally, I think the upteenth story about Britney’s new boyfriend is way more boring than, say, the history of the French Revolution, and I think this show really enforces that dichotomy more than it attempts to break it down. But god, people, could we please have a season with some smart women?! Enough of these bimbos.

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  1. i agree — the topics on this season are a bit dull and not as exciting. the real challenge to the beauties is supposed to be the hard-core sciences or stuff that everyone knows — such as how many branches of government there are.

    i do say that the geeks have had to face some challenges — especially this past week with Niels and Jennylee — she’s super mean to him and doesn’t seem to get the point of learning about being nice to people (or even just geeks). She’s too busy messing around with thoughts of Nate to see that Niels’ a person too.

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