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Pharma Google Hijack Hack

Posted: August 24th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Blog business | 4 Comments »

I’ve been hacked again. When you search for “tiara org” or “tiara blog” on Google, and click on the result, you get directed to a lovely site, full of spammy spam spam.

Fixing this has been.. frustrating. I have a totally updated WP install. I have fresh passwords on everything. I installed the Ultimate Security Checker plugin (which is pretty great) and followed all the steps (I now get an A). I get a perfect score on the Sucuri security scan. I went through this post about the pharma hack and this post about the pharma hack and followed all the steps (none of the compromised files were in there).

So.. now I am a bit stuck. I searched for pharmacy.multifind.24 with hack, wordpress, hijack, and didn’t find anything.

I will update this post if I figure anything out.