I am a lazy activist. Often, people think that talking about an issue or blogging about an issue is tantamount to taking action on an issue. After seeing all the pleas on LJ, Pandora, BAGel Radio and Wired’s Listening Post this morning I finally went to SaveInternetRadio.org and used their tools to call my congresspeople. Since I live in New York, one of my Senators is Hillary Clinton, whose office seemed super busy since they left me on hold for 10 minutes, hung up on me, and then put me on hold for 8 minutes. I finally got through. Anyway, the person who answered the phone for my rep, Nydia Velazquez, was super informed and knowledgeable about the entire internet radio debacle and said that Rep. Velazquez had gotten so many calls about it that she has cosponsored H.R.
, which would “delay the applicability to webcasters of rates and terms determined by the Copyright Royalty Judges”. Her (intern?) explained it to me as a way for Congress to spend more time thinking about the issue.

My concern with all of this is that the RIAA and SoundExchange will temporarily not enforce rates, wait until everyone forgets about the issue, and then go after them with a vengeance. We need legal protection to allow internet radio to continue broadcasting, fair royalty rates that take into account the profit of the radio station (that’s what H.R.
2060, in essence, does
). Velazquez’s bill, while well-intentioned, has only 2 co-sponsors rather than HR2060/S1353’s 135 in the House and, ugh, only 6 in the Senate (that doesn’t bode well).

Anyway, call your congresspeople! And can someone please tell me how to prevent Firefox from being such a memory hog (It’s currently the only application running and is using 99 percent of CPU). Kthxbye.

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