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myspace searching for search, advertising

Posted: June 14th, 2006 | Author: | Filed under: business, social networking | 2 Comments »

Two very similar stories this morning: MySpace (News Corp) seeking online advertising partner and MySpace seeks search partner. In both cases, they’re talking to the usual suspects, Google, Yahoo! and MSN about search, and they’re looking to “acquire” an online advertising company.

What this means is really not much, except MySpace could certainly use a better search engine. There is one bit of info in the Mediapost article that “20 percent of the ad dollars comes from display impressions, with the rest stemming from sales of remnant inventory.” What does that mean? Remnant inventory of what? I’m extremely curious about what types of personal information MySpace’s advertisers use for targeting: profile info? behavior? I am almost positive it’s both, although I can’t seem to find any indication from News Corp one way or another. They definitely don’t claim to protect personal info.

In other news, eBay (who owns Skype, which I didn’t know) is finally integrating the two. They’re adding them mostly to high-cost, high-profile auctions where buyer-to-seller communication is necessary (meaning Skype buttons will probably not show up on my vintage dresses and wedge heel auctions). This is really interesting, especially since it’s sort of zero-to-sixty; eBay could have integrated text chat or IM a long time ago, and they stuck to email. So I’m not sure if this is a needed technological integration as much as it is eBay having to prove that they didn’t make a mistake acquiring Skype, a company that has little to do with their core business.

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2 Comments on “myspace searching for search, advertising”

  1. 1 Amanda said at 10:56 am on June 14th, 2006:

    It seems odd that 80% of MySpace’s ad sales are “remnant inventory.” I’m no media buyer or media planner, but maybe they need to refine their definition of remnant.
    I think that eBay isn’t sure whether it wants to encourage or discourage discourse between buyers and sellers. They want buyers to buy BUT they only want them to buy through eBay. They definitely want to try to prevent transactions off eBay so by making communication harder, they seem to believe that will help their business.
    Ok, back to work…

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