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I am here at ROFLCON and just got done with my big keynote on internet celebrity. I’ll post the notes if anyone wants them. More later, when I’m not still hopped up on adrenalin. Thanks everyone for coming!


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  1. justin

    great presentation. i would love the notes.

  2. yes, please post notes!

  3. Thanks for the kind tweet, Alice.

  4. K

    I had planned to skip the keynotes, but I’m quite glad you ran over and I was able to catch (only, unfortunately) the tail end of your presentation. I, too, would love to see the notes.

  5. Fantastic presentation! Thank you so much!

  6. Matt

    Really enjoyed your presentation at ROFL. Thanks for providing one of the highlights at the conference!

  7. yes, what everyone else said. a highly entertaining and informative pres. any chance you’ll also post the slides to slideshare?

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